AoE Newsletter is Back!

The Art of Eloquence was offered weekly for many years, but due to the health issues of its founder, JoJo Tabares, the newsletter was discontinued for several years.  JoJo has announced that it will be back, but only on an "as needed" basis.  Instead of offering a weekly or monthly scheduled mailing, she will be posting an Ask JoJo segment in which she will answer reader's communication questions once a month on the company's blog.  The newsletter will be reserved for reaching out to past customers and readers to share only those timely tips, news, special offers, and free gifts when they are available.  

The company promises not to sell or give away their subscribers emails and will be offering a free gift just for subscribing.  The mailing list page shares about this free gift called 30 Days of Communication FUNdamentals and states, "This is a collection of 30 BEST Visual JoJoisms ever written on the subject of speech communication.  In addition to these fun, humorous and thought provoking memes, there are links to even more articles, and information on the topics discuss in each one.  A full month of inspiring educational fun that is perfect for the entire family.  Start your day with these communication truths. Discuss them among your family and friends and grow in the knowledge of how to communicate more effectively in your personal and professional life.

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