14 Years

Black Friday Sale:




Art of Eloquence opened its virtual doors on 11/01/02 (14 yrs ago!)  



Special NOTE:

Art of Eloquence had intended to host a 14 day sale of various titles to bring you the lowest prices possible in celebration of our 14th year in business.  However, JoJo's surgery has been more of a challenge for her than any of us had imagined.  She fully expected to feel up to working at the computer two weeks after her hysterectomy.  Unfortunately, she's been feeling exhaustion and was in too much pain to sit at the computer the last few weeks so our 14 day sales event was derailed at about ten days.  


To make up for that, we've decided to create a very special discount code that will take a full 70% off EVERY ITEM IN OUR STORE for a limited time. 

To take advantage of our Black Friday Sale, browse our catalog or check out all our communication categories on our home page.  Then just order as usual and put: BlackFriday2016 in the discount code box and our shopping cart will automatically take 70% off your entire order for a limited time!  



  • JoJo Tabares

    Thank you, Vishnavi! Enjoy the study!

  • Vaishnavi

    Awesome offers! Just bought your “Say what you mean – Creative speech” course. Congratulations on completing 14 years and wish you the very best!

  • JoJo Tabares

    Thanks, Mamaguru! Great price for it today too!

  • Mamaguru

    What a great event! that preschool book looks amazing!!

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