One on One Coaching with JoJo

One on One Coaching with JoJo

Do you struggle with shyness? Does this sound familiar? 

Do you get nervous in a social gathering? Do you worry about how people will see you? Do you spend time stressing about what to say or not say when you meet people? 

Are you relieved when plans for a get-together fall through? Does it take you a while to "warm up" to people? Do you stress over what you'll say or how you will act when you meet people for the first time? Or the tenth?

Do you feel awkward or find it difficult to chat in social situations? 

Do you often find it difficult to talk to a professor, a boss, or even a friend? 

Does your shyness or your child's shyness affect life so much that relationships, marriage, or work suffers because of it? 

It did for me!! When I was a young girl, I couldn't get up the nerve even to just wave hello to someone in the school hallway. As I grew up, this only got worse. The older you are, the more society expects you to do well in social situations and the less forgiving people are if you don't. 

I thought shyness was just how I was born and how I would live my entire life. I had so much inside me to share with others, but I was so paralyzed by fear that I couldn't dream of achieving any of it. I learned the hard way and it took me a loooooong time!

But it doesn't have to for YOU!

Shyness isn't something we are born with and it isn't something you are stuck with either! There is help and I'm here to help YOU!

Do you know what I learned when I finally found my way out of shyness? I'm actually an EXTROVERT! I LOVE talking with people! I just had to find my way out of the fear...and you can too!

I would love to help you (or your child) to unleash your God-given power so that you may be free to fulfill God's plan for your life!  

I've written several books on communication skills, but the ones near and dear to my heart are the ones that speak to our being able to take back our POWER to fulfill the missions, the ministries, and the work that God designed us for!

I know a lot of coaches don't come right out and tell you what they charge, but I'm a straight forward gal. I'm going to give you what you need and tell you what you need to know from the start. Most coaches charge $200/hr, but my heart is to help as many as possible so I've made it incredibly affordable! 

Month of Coaching Calls w/Bonus 3 eBooks: 

A month of coaching calls gives you your weekly coaching call with me for a month AND includes these three bonuses! You also get my three books that speak to shyness, and the things it affects: leadership and conflict resolution! The books alone sell on this site for $70!  That's a month's worth of weekly coaching calls PLUS all three of my books for just $$295! 


Six Months of Coaching with Bonus 3 eBooks:

Or choose six full months of coaching and SAVE $300! You'll get six full months of weekly one on one coaching calls with JoJo (a $1800 value) for only $1497.00 if you choose to pay up front and you will still get all three of my eBooks as a bonus gift! 

Block of Six Follow Up Coaching Calls (6 calls once a week)

You may also pay as you go by purchasing six follow up coaching calls. (This does not include the books as they would be included in the first month or six months option only.)

You're road may have been difficult, but it does't have to stay that way! If I can do it, you can too, with my help! Let's get started! Choose your option and click add to cart now!  

$ 295.00