Christian Leadership Inner Circle Monthly Membership

Christian Leadership Inner Circle Monthly Membership

If you have paid $147/month, here is where you get to pay to continue being a member of the Christian Leadership Inner Circle for months! 


Your price is now locked in so you can continue to get the benefits of the Inner Circle even after your initial six months is up! Why? Because...

You can't afford NOT to be with us! Why? 

Because in addition to the confidence and support, the community is encouraged to help and even SHARE other member's opportunities for each other! You see, if you share about your business opportunity or ministry, it's a sales pitch. If I do it or someone else does it, it's an ENDORSEMENT or RECOMMENDATION! Just think of the POWER of that one aspect of the Christian Leadership Inner Circle alone!


You'll CONTINUE TO get: 

  • MEMBERSHIP into the Christian Leadership Inner Circle with live trainings every single week! (I charge $1497 for six months of one on one coaching!) 
  • 2 ONE-HOUR, One-on-One Zoom calls with ME to pick my brain about ANYTHING you're facing and at ANY time during the six months of your membership! (valued at over $140!) 
  • More months worth of community help with your promos, text/ad wording, help, support, and advice. 
  • AND a community of like-minded Christians to help you by promoting your mission, ministry, or business all over social media! 

  • PLUS I'll be adding some team members that specialize in various aspects of business and ministry that will help you moving forward like: a marketing specialist, an image consultant, etc, 

  • AND...Many other valuable communication and leadership training as the group determines what they need...I'll provide it to them!


You can have the BEST business or opportunity, the BEST product/service, the BEST marketing plan. The BEST financial backing... 

But if you can't share your message effectively to reach the right people, it won't matter a hill of beans!

Continue your membership in the Christian Leadership Inner Circle NOW!

$ 147.00