Christian Leadership Inner Circle Membership

Christian Leadership Inner Circle Membership

Hi! I'm JoJo Tabares and I've been where you are and I know the way out! I have a degree in Speech Communication and over 30 years of experience in the field. I've authored over 20 books for this site which I started for homeschoolers 18 years ago November 1st, 2002! 

I'll take you by the hand in the Inner Circle community of like minded individuals who will offer you support and together, I'll help you craft your message!

How many times have you wanted to share your mission, ministry, or business but you stopped yourself short because you were afraid that it wouldn't be well received? 


You can't afford NOT to be with us! Why? 

Because in addition to the confidence and support, the community is encouraged to help and even SHARE other member's opportunities for each other! You see, if you share about your business opportunity or ministry, it's a sales pitch. If I do it or someone else does it, it's an ENDORSEMENT or RECOMMENDATION! Just think of the POWER of that one aspect of the Christian Leadership Inner Circle alone!

But it's even more amazing than that!

You also get TWO one on one video conference calls with ME during that six month period of time! And YOU can choose to when you get to meet with with me! Need some help getting started? Have the first of your one on one calls with me right away! Want to check with me on some particulars of a launch or promotion you're doing? Schedule your one on one call with me just prior to launch! 

AND...this program I've developed is based on EIGHT of the communication studies I've written. As a bonus gift for signing up with me NOW, you'll also get ALL EIGHT BOOKS! 

Just the eight books alone sell for between $17 and $25 EACH on Art of Eloquence!

1. Know Your Audience
2. Say What You Mean: Overcoming Social Anxiety
3. Say What You Mean When You're In Business
4. Say What You Mean: A Creative Speech Course
5. Say What You Mean: Overcoming, Reducing and Resolving Conflicts
6. Say What You Mean: Debating the Issues
7. Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith
8. Say What You Mean: The Language of Leadership
Book Total: $170 if purchased on Art of Eloquence website right now!

If you're ready to EXPLODE your mission, ministry, or business in the next six months and you want someone who's been there to help you and an ENTIRE community of believers behind you and who have your back! Don't wait! Join us NOW!  

If you're ready to take your dream to the next level...

If you're ready to get MASSIVE help...

If you're ready to get to your mission, ministry, or business off the ground is less time and more simply than you ever dreamed possible, you can't afford NOT to join us! 

You'll get: 

  • SIX MONTH MEMBERSHIP into the Christian Leadership Inner Circle with live trainings every single week! (I charge $1497 for six months of one on one coaching!) 
  • 2 ONE-HOUR, One-on-One Zoom calls with ME to pick my brain about ANYTHING you're facing and at ANY time during the six months of your membership! (valued at over $140!) 
  • EIGHT of my communication manuals! (that sell on this site for over $170!)
  • Six months worth of community help with your promos, text/ad wording, help, support, and advice. 
  • AND a community of like-minded Christians to help you by promoting your mission, ministry, or business all over social media! 

That's over $1800 worth of services and that's not even considering the value of an entire community of like minded Christians who will be there to support you, cheer you on, help you along the way, AND help to get the word out about your mission, ministry, or business for SIX WHOLE MONTHS!!!

This offer is only good til Sunday at midnight after the Boldness Challenge which takes place Oct 26-31st! Then, it goes back up. Why? Because I want you to take massive action and I want you to be successful NOW! Information alone will NOT make that happen. 

You can have the BEST business or opportunity, the BEST product/service, the BEST marketing plan. The BEST financial backing... 

But if you can't share your message effectively to reach the right people, it won't matter a hill of beans!

Join the Christian Leadership Inner Circle NOW!

$ 147.00