Where else to find us

The Art of Eloquence family has expanded in the past few years and there are many places for you to connect with us.  

Besides our Art of Eloquence blog and Facebook fan page, we have started a few other endeavors: 

* JoJo has been writing a personal blog to uplift and support those with chronic illness/issues.  JoJoisms is now not only some funny one liners and humorous commentary on life, but a place to be uplifted and share if you or someone you know is struggling with chronic illness or other chronic issues.  

* The Tabares family has started an Amazon business selling products for families.  Our Grape Stuff blog site is a grape place to find family friendly info and support for families and our first private label product, The Grape Grill Buddy, is listed here on Amazon. We also have a Facebook fan page and a newsletter you can subscribe to that also shares info, fun and funnies for families.   

* As many of you know, JoJo is a purple lover from way back and she has a Facebook Fan page For the Love of Purple.  

* You can also find JoJo on Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ but she doesn't post as much there as she does on Facebook.