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This is a collection of 30 BEST Visual JoJoisms ever written on the subject of speech communication.  In addition to these fun, humorous and thought provoking memes, there are links to even more articles, and information on the topics discuss in each one.  A full month of inspiring educational fun that is perfect for the entire family.  Start your day with these communication truths. Discuss them among your family and friends and grow in the knowledge of how to communicate more effectively in your personal and professional life.  Here's why they work so well:

 Humor is a vital communication tool!  Art of Eloquence believes that more can be learned and more retention is possible if it's brought to you in humor.  JoJo Tabares, the founder and creator of Art of Eloquence, has been writing her JoJoisms (humorous, insightful, and sometimes inspirational sayings about life) for many years.  She has well over 500 of them and many of them have been developed into a visual form similar to memes you see on Facebook or graphics you find on Pinterest. Go through them one each day!   

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Here's a sampling of the Visual JoJoisms included:  



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