Affiliate Program

What we're all about: 
Art of Eloquence has provided Christian based, creative and fun, speech communication programs for all ages since 2002!  We make learning communication skills FUN!  We have homeschool speech communication and debate courses for PreK-Jr/Sr High as well as programs in leadership, overcoming shyness, business, conflict resolution and MORE!
How our affiliate program works: 
* Most affiliate programs give 10-25% of the profit--not the entire order.  Art of Eloquence affiliates earn a FULL 50% of the entire sales price of the order placed through the affiliate link!  
* In addition, most affiliate programs keep track of the affiliate link cookies for 7 days or possibly up to a few months.  Art of Eloquence keeps track of YOUR customers for a full YEAR!  So when you're customer buys from us and comes back, even without your affiliate link, the cookies remember that it was YOUR customer and you will earn 50% on those orders up to a full 365 days!
* Most affiliate programs only pay when you reach a certain dollar figure.  Art of Eloquence believes in paying our affiliates each month regardless of how much your customers have generated in sales.  You will get paid monthly by the 5th of the month for all affiliate sales placed the previous month.  There is no minimum dollar figure required.
We look forward to working with you.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact JoJo at 
To become an Art of Eloquence affiliate, click here!