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Communication Lessons from 5 year olds-Part 2

If you missed Monday's first communication lesson from five year olds, click here. Here's today's installment: Lesson Two: Listen Wide-Eyed. Young children are notorious for their wide eyes as they soak up information. You may not think they are paying close attention, but they absorb almost everything around them.  You know this because, if you aren't careful, they repeat things you said that you wish you hadn't. We adults could learn a great deal from this trait.  To a young child, everything is wondrous. When they ask a question, they don't care whether that person is educated, important, powerful or well-respected.  They expect an answer.  They often don't even much care if the answer is correct.  How would they know...

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A Discouraging Word

Home, home on the range.... Where the deer and the antelope play... Where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day. What is it about our home that makes it special?  It's safe, secure and supportive...or it should be.  When  your home is filled with discouraging people (or your life is), it can be difficult to become rejuvenated, rested and ready to take on the day.  The rest of the world can be against you, but if those who are supposed to support us are negative, challenging and difficult, it can make life more stressful. Do you have people in your life who are discouraging?  Do you have to deal with them on a...

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