Give Christ a CHRISTmas gift this year!

This CHRISTmas, why not give Jesus a gift?  Something He has asked of us.  Something that adds to the kingdom of God.  This CHRISTmas, give Him the gift of boldly, graciously, and effectively sharing the Gospel with others.

If we are commanded to share the Gospel, why is it that so many Christians don’t?

1. They don’t know what to say.

2. They don’t know how to say it.

3. They are afraid they won’t be able to handle the consequences.

4. Or they are too bold or lacking in grace when they share bringing about unintentional consequences for both the one sharing and the one who is being ministered to.  But it doesn’t have to be this way!

swymdtfbooksmshadowArt of Eloquence has put together a communication study like no other.  It contains years of my personal experiences with unbelievers and the questions and issues they have with the Bible, Christ and Christians.  Growing up in an Atheist home of Jewish decent, I have heard all the questions and I know how not to answer the questions.

Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith will give you a simple way for teens and adults to learn how to answer the most popular questions unbelievers have.  And this month, you can get it at 50% off!

Other course of this nature fall short because they don’t take into consideration:

* God didn’t make Cookie-Cutter People so a one-size-fits-all approach reaches few unbelivers
* They most often teach you what to say, but fail to instruct you on how to say it or to tailor it to each individual
* They often teach you to open with a scripture or statement that doesn’t reflect the concerns of the unbeliever
* They don’t teach you how to answer the most common questions and misconceptions unbelievers have
* They don’t give you embedded links where you will find scientific data supporting biblical events.

This course will not only prepare you to speak to others about Christ, but it will actually strengthen your own faith because it gives you the historic and scientific supporting evidence for the answers to the most important questions about God!

To order Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith, just click on the previous link and order as usual. Where it says, “Apply DiscountCode,” put in voucher code: Faith5013  It will automatically reduce the price by 50% and remember that this offer is only good this month, December 2013! So order now before time runs out!

Give Christ a gift this CHRISTmas!  Give the gift of effective communication for Him because Christ died for us, the least we can do is tell people why!

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We Declare 2014: The Year of Faith

purple bibleThere is no one-size-fits-all way to communicate with people and that is even more important when it comes to something as controversial as faith.  In order to relate to those we minister to, we need to employ effective communication skills.  Sharing our faith is as much how we say it as what we say.  There no right way to communicate to everyone, but there are many wrong ways and in today’s anti-Christian culture, it’s even more important that we avoid those.

Over the next year, I will be giving you in-depth information about the best ways to share our faith as well as how to respond to anti-Christian bias and even how to handle conflicts within the Christian community.  My goal with this year-long series of weekly newsletter articles will be to give the Christian community the tools it needs to understand unbelievers and the questions and issues they have, to inspire confidence in sharing the faith and the grace to temper their boldness with humility so that our message is better received.  In addition, I’ll be pointing out the anti-Christian bias inside our own country, the media’s role in all this and how critical it is that the Christian community respond effectively in boldness and truth but tempered by grace.

Today, most Christians either don’t speak up or they do so in a way that alienates and offends most unbelievers.  The reason for that is that most people today (both Christians and non Christians) don’t understand the importance of effective communication.  In addition, there is a social trend that seeks to empower the individual, but neglects to take into account the responsibility for the fall out when their communication method is offensive.  Many of today’s Christians believe that since God’s Word is offensive to some, they are justified or even expected to be offensive in their delivery.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard an unbeliever utter something like, “If that’s a Christian, I sure don’t want to be one!”

What happens when we share our faith in one of the many wrong ways is what I believe has taken us to a place where people no longer even want to discuss the issue and where most Christians don’t try.  Some of the methods taught today in the church are not only ineffective, but counterproductive.  I know, because I grew up in an Atheist home and my family is of Jewish heritage.  I know what the religious discussions look like from the inside and I have a heart to give my insight to the Christian community in order to help us drive more people to the Lord instead of away from Him as is currently the norm.

As is often said, we may be the only Bible some people ever read.  We are an example and people are watching us.  My prayer is to raise up a community of Bible believing saints to share the Word of God in such a way that we are privileged to hear a comment like my daughter recently recieved in praise of the way she graciously shared her faith.  “I wish all Christians were like you!”

Lastly, please cover Art of Eloquence in prayer as we embark on this year-long journey.  Every time we host an event, run a special or release a promo regarding our study, Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith , we have found ourselves under spiritual attack.  As we have prepared for a full year of focus on sharing and defending the faith, we have already encountered several challenges that have delayed us or created hurdles to climb.  In the last few months, my health has deteriorated, we have had computer problems, lap top issues, iPhone problems, email troubles, our website has been hacked three times, and my glasses mysteriously broke…and those are only the ones I can remember.  We’d appreciate your prayers as we devote a full year to preparing the faithful and the faith-filled in the Great Commission.

Please share this message with your friends and have them subscribe to our newsletter so we can reach even more of the Christian community in 2014! Thank you.

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Stop the Presses!

This is not a test!  This is a real Art of Eloquence emergency!  Well, not really, but I got your attention, didn’t I? LOL

I actually do have a very good reason for alarming you with this blog post.  We are suspending our regularly scheduled blog posts this month to bring you some exciting and important Art of Eloquence news!

When the Art of Eloquence emergency is over, we will resume our regularly scheduled blog posts of articles, FUNdamentals, reviews and Ask JoJo posts.

Here now is the first of four important Art of Eloquence announcements:

We’ve had our Fire Sale going for four months now and, while many of you have taken advantage of our $150 dollar package for only $27, we cannot continue to offer this enormous package of nine of our most popular communication studies forever.  Therefore, we are hereby giving you notice that the Fire Sale will end at midnight PST on Saturday, August 10th!

I can’t believe the awesome deal that you are offering on this set of e-books, JoJo! I just ordered mine! These are totally amazing! Thank you for such a great deal! -Candy F.


Fire Sale

Here’s what’s included in this incredible package:

1. Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith (a $20 value) eBook will help you answer 18 of the most common questions unbelievers have about God and Christianity. Not only will this study give you tips on what to say, but also how to say it in love and with respect in order that, with God’s help, your words will have the power to change a heart.

2. Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith Audio Class (a $20 value) is my audio class where I teach these 18 lessons. I also interject additional details and useful resources.

3. Say What You Mean: The Language of Leadership (a $20 value) eBook offers 18 lessons that will help you learn to speak like a leader and communicate that you are someone worth following.  This will help you whether you are in formal ministry or just want to gain a following for a particular cause the Lord has put in your heart.

4. Say What You Mean: The Language of Leadership Audio Class (a $20 value) is another audio class where I teach the above 18 lessons and add additional details to help you overcome whatever issues may be keeping you from being seen as a leader and honing your communication skills such that your natural leadership shines through.

5. Say What You Mean: Debating the Issues (a $20 value) eBook teaches you how to debate 18 of the most common conservative, political issues of our day such as abortion and gun control.

6. Say What You Mean: Overcoming Social Anxiety (a $20 value) eBook provides 18 lessons that will help you overcome any apprehension you may have when talking in a group or social situation.  Whether you are talking politics or just shooting the breeze, this study will help you become more comfortable in a social setting.  Not only will it take you from social shyness to social comfort, but on to mastery as a social butterfly!

7. 21 Days to More Godly Communication (a $20 value) eBook shares 21+ different articles based on scripture that will help you share your ideas in grace.



Bonus Gifts

8. The Power of Words is a short eBook sharing why communication is so incredibly important.  Includes several scriptures and some powerful photographs.

9. God is Everywhere is a short eBook with some powerful photographs depicting the cross in everyday settings.  It reminds us that God is with us wherever we go and, if we look carefully, we can see His hand in just about everything around us.

 “JoJo, our son, Samuel, is really enjoying the fire sale package — he saw us post about it and actually asked for it for his birthday.” -Melanie Y.


To read more about this incredible package or to order it before it’s gone forever, click here!



NOTE: Don’t forget to submit your communication questions to for my monthly Ask JoJo section of my blog.  I’ll pick one question per month to answer right here on the blog!  You can ask anything related to communication skills from a tip on how not to be nervous making a speech to what games your kids can play that will help them hone their communication skills and even if your website or blog is clearly written!

If you liked this post, read…Seven Reasons Why YOU Should Sign Up for the Art of Eloquence Newsletter!

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NEW at Art of Eloquence: UPDATED Sample Lessons

We’ve updated all our sample lessons!

Over the last year, I have been working almost exclusively on new communication studies, especially the ones that you have told us you needed.  Over the year, we have released:

Say What You Mean Debating the Issues


Say What You Mean Overcoming Social Anxiety


Say What You Mean Beginning Debate


Say What You Mean Avoiding, Reducing and Resolving Conflicts


This past year has left me precious little time to do some much needed revising of our website…and you all know how UNtechie I am.  Well, in the past few weeks, I’ve been working on several aspects of our website and today I’m ready to announce our first series of changes: UPDATED Sample Lessons!

After much techie frustration, I have finally been able to update and upload revised versions of the seven sample lessons that we have had, mostly for our homeschool curricula, and HEEEEEEAR they are!


Say What You Mean for Preschoolers

Say What You Mean for Kids

Say What You Mean for Teens

Know Your Audience

Say What You Mean: A Creative Speech Course



Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith


Say What You Mean When You’re in Business


Each sample lesson link is located toward the bottom of the page so feel free to browse!  I am currently working to create sample lessons for some of our newer studies which do not yet have them.  I should be finished with them all by Wednesday, so come on back to the blog and check them out!


If you liked this post, make sure to subscribe to our RSS Feed so you don’t miss one and SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter: for even MORE communication fun, FREE gifts, Book of the Month Club and exclusive excerpts and offers we don’t share with ANYONE else but our subscribers!



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I dunno or Let it Go

Have you subscribed to Communication FUNdamentals’ RSS Feed?  Don’t miss a post!


We’re getting near the end of Grace Month. Just a few more posts to go and then I’ll have a seminar on Grace and Godly Communication with even more information on this topic and a chance for you to get involved in the discussion and share your thoughts and experiences on the topic.

Today I’d like to share with you two more excerpts from my article, 10 Quick Ways to Disagree in Grace.  These two sound kind of like no brainers, but you’d be amazed at how little they are used!

7. Say “I Dunno”
When you don’t know the answer someone needs, the most intelligent thing to say is “I dunno.”  The quickest way to lose credibility with someone is to speak too quickly.  If someone asks you something about the Bible and you can’t remember where the scripture is, tell them you will find it for them.  People appreciate honesty!

There is a social stigma today whereby people think they must know everything about everything or they risk looking stupid.  So there is often an urge to fill in one’s knowledge with, shall we say, assumed truths.  Made up facts or opinions disguised as facts are commonplace especially in business.  Many Christians feel that they cannot effectively share their faith if they don’t have all the answers.  This is part of the reason I wrote Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith.  It helps answer the issues the unbeliever has about God.  Not knowing all the answers keeps Christians from sharing and also gives us temptation to fill in our pregnant pauses with something that passes for knowledge.

If you feel the Lord leading you to speak out on a particular topic, by all means become educated on it!  However, there is nothing wrong with admitting you don’t know something.  In fact, it can be quite endearing and refreshing.

8. Let it Go
In order to avoid an argument, when they are no longer listening, stop talking!  As soon as someone is giving off signals that they are not accepting your views, it’s usually best not to press the issue and begin an argument.

Now I’m not talking about not sharing your ideas or backing off a discussion just because someone disagrees with you.  I’m talking about not pushing things beyond where you will do no good.  You can usually tell when someone’s had enough and is no longer listening to you.  No matter how sweetly you say it, they aren’t listening and so it’s rather redundant to keep talking.  Along the same line is when someone is annoyed because the speaker has been pushy.  Either way, the listener, isn’t.  You can do more harm than good by continuing on at this time. It’s better to let it go and live to discuss another day.

This tip applies to sharing your faith as well as any other topic.  Being right isn’t a synonym for being effective.  If you watch a lot of police shows, it may make more sense this way, “It doesn’t matter if he’s guity; it only matters what I can prove.”  In order to prove our point, we need to put it in a way that is grace-filled in order that the hearer is truly listening.  Nothing says “I’m not listening anymore” quite like the face you see when someone is pushing an idea past the point of civility.


*SUBSCRIBE HERE*: For Even More Communication Fun, FREE Gifts and Exclusive Offers!


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Why We Can't Put Off The Great Commission

Ever try to share your faith with someone where the discussion turned from conversation to confrontation?  Has that experience made you feel more uncomfortable about sharing your faith in general even though you know the Lord commands us to do so in love?  Have you felt the Lord tugging at your heart to share the Gospel with someone, but your head is tugging back because you don’t know how?  Do you know someone who is on fire for Jesus, but their approach more closely resembles hitting their “target” over the head with the King James Bible?  What if I told you that sharing your faith can be as easy as having a conversation with a friend?

Cindy Rushton has asked me to return this year as a speaker at The Ultimate Homeschool Expo.  I’m teaching during tomorrow’s Preview Event 11am PST/2pm EST, “Why We Can’t Put Off The Great Commission” which you all can attend free of charge.  I’ll be sharing 5 reasons why we cannot put off The Great Commission in our lives, why sharing the Gospel is more important than ever, and some tips to help us share about the Lord in a more conversational, respectful, effective, and grace-filled way.

Join Me Live Online:

The room is closed (password protected) until the chat-the room will be open about 15 minutes before we go live. No password needed to join us while we are recording.

OR…Join Me Live Via Phone:
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 38181#

PIN: 1# (Or your Talkshoe PIN)

Join me tomorrow morning at 11am PST/2pm EST for “Why We Can’t Put Off The Great Commission” and you’ll learn some general tips that will help you feel prepared and ready to discuss this often intimidating topic in a much more comfortable way!

You can also get your ticket and attend my other seminar during The Ultimate Homeschool Expo on May 3rd.  My topic is “The Great Commission Easy Button.”   Here’s where I get into even more of the meat of exactly how to share the Gospel effectively and respectfully.  I’ll share why a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work as well as specific tips for making sharing and defending the faith less stressful and more natural (conversational).  The Ultimate Homeschool Expo tickets are on sale now.  Details are on their website.

If you know someone who would benefit from these seminars, please forward this blog post link!

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When not all your family is Christian at Christmas

I am winding down my career as a weekly podcaster with just three live shows left to go!  I’ll be sad to see it end in a way, because I simply adore reaching out to my listeners and teaching on a live show.  It’s been a blast even though it’s taken quite a bit of my free time.  (Wait…”free time”? I’ll have to look that up again.  I keep forgetting what that is!)

This Thursday is a very special show.  Do you have members of your family who are not Christians this Christmas?  Have you tried to share your faith with them this year?  Do you worry about how you’ll get along at the family Christmas gathering?  Do they fear having anyone bring up their salvation each time the family gets together?  I know what that’s like.  I’m one of the only Christians in my family.  Whether you have never shared the Gospel with that special family member and you feel lead to do so this Christmas or your family has tried to several times but you notice him cringe when he walks in the door or anything in between, this show is for you!

How do we share the faith with family members?  When should we try?  When should we not?  I’ll be sharing these and other questions about “When not all your family is Christian at Christmas” on the next Communication Comedy Network’s Talk Talk Show.

If you have an experience to share or if you have a question, please call in!

The Talk Talk Show: “The Talk Show About Talking” is on the Communication Comedy Network Thursdays at 8am PST/11am EST.

You can listen in live via your computer just by clicking this link and following the prompts or you can call into the show via phone by dialing: (724) 444-7444 and the Call ID: 19736 followed by the # sign when prompted.

This is one of my very last podcasts ever. I’ll be going off the air as far as podcasting goes after this year.  I will attempt to post the audios for those who cannot make it to the live show, however, I have had some trouble periodically with hecklers whose foul mouths have caused me to opt NOT to post the audio.  While Talk Shoe does allow me the ability to mute someone, it does not provide the tools to edit your broadcast easily.

For this reason, I urge you to attend the live show.  I promise to filter my callers as best I can during the live show.  The feedback from last week’s show (and the ones with prior hecklers) has shown that their time was well spent despite the momentary lapse in decorum.  The things I share will be tips from one of the most important studies I have ever written, “Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith”.  I usually sell this information but I feel the need to give some of it away this Christmas season in order to help my listeners enjoy a Merry CHRISTmas with both their saved and unsaved family members.  If something I share during this show will allow just one soul to come to know Christ Jesus, it will be well worth enduring a heckler on the air.

Remember, even if I am able to post the audio, all of the Communication Comedy Network audios will be coming down after the first of the year anyway when I transition to hosting 10-12 full seminar/workshops in 2010.  So don’t count on that audio!  Be there live and, if you have a special story to share that relates to my topic, please post it here so I can share it on the show or call in to the live show!

God bless you all this Christmas from the Art of family to yours!

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Defending the Faith Mini Series Audios

Did you miss Mini Series May over on Grace Talk Soup?

If you did, you missed an amazing 4 shows!  But not to worry!  The audios are available on the show’s site so you can listen on demand any time you like!  However after a while, they can get lost in the archives.

Our first mini series was from my most important study, Say What You Mean Defending the Faith.  We shared tips for answering four of the world’s most common questions and misconceptions about the Lord and I have posted the direct links to the audios here:

1. Introduction: Why do we need to learn to share?

2. “I’m a good person; why do I need God?”

3. “Men wrote the Bible and men make mistakes.”

4. “What about all the horrible things done in Jesus’ name?”

The feedback on this Grace Talk Soup, our first ever mini series, has been amazing!

Everyone learned so much!  If you want to learn even more of the 18 most common questions and misconceptions about how to share and defend your faith, we now have SWM Defending the Faith Online classes you can register for along with our eBook of the same name.  Not only will this help you share and defend your faith, but it will help you and your household strengthen your own faith as well!

Check out what others are saying about our Defending the Faith course:

“This is such a needed class and I can see how easily both boys are learning some of the ways to respond (and ways not to respond) to some of the common things people say. I can see how they are understanding their faith in new, deeper ways and making their faith their own. This class has also helped to facilitate discussion in our family around the dinner table. You have a way of presenting things in a straight forward way that is so understandable.Thank you JoJo” -Marcie, Homeschooling mom of two

What’s so different about Art of Eloquence University?

* They are ongoing! You pay a one time-fee and you can continue to attend FOREVER!
* You can start at any time because each class automatically starts over again when it is finished!
* Classes are available online from the comfort of your own home!
* You can access the class on YOUR schedule!
* Your membership in the class is good for anyone living in your home! No need to pay extra for additional students!
* Choose from an increasing number of Art of Eloquence study titles! We are adding more all the time! (One flat fee per class title)

Start preparing now for your family’s future.

The world is a more complicated place and it requires so much more communication skill in order to carry out the Great Commission and even, according to statistics, for teens to get through college with their OWN faith in tact!  Let Art of Eloquence help prepare your family to share and defend the faith in grace.  Click here to find out more about our unique Online Classes!

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Last Week for the GTS Defending the Faith Contest!

gts-logo-thumbnail4May Grace Talk Soup Defending the Faith Contest Rules:

Help us promote this show and you could win: Say What You Mean Defending the Faith!  It’s this easy!

1. Post the Grace Talk Soup link encouraging others to join us on the live show to your Twitter orFacebook page, your blog, newsletter, website, Yahoo group, etc.

2. Email and give us the link where you posted it or just tell us where you posted it and we will enter you in this week’s contest!

Winner will be announced on the show!



Last week of the Grace Talk Soup Defending the Faith Mini Series:

This Thursday is the last day of our first ever mini series! Three parts of the Defending the Faith Mini Series are already available as audios for your listening pleasure:

Just scroll down to Past Episodes and click the orange “listen” button next to the one you want to hear. So far we have answered the following issues:

~Introduction:”Why we should learn to share and defend our faith?”

~”I’m a good person; why do I need God?”

~”Men wrote the Bible and men make mistakes”.

This Thursday is the last in the series and we will be answering the issue “What about all the horrible things done in Jesus’ name?”

Come join us live Thursday 8am PST/11am EST and invite those you know to come share their thoughts on this very special episode of Grace Talk Soup.

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Christians: You need to be on this call tomorrow morning!

gts-logo-thumbnail3Say What You Mean Defending the Faith is the most important communication study I have ever written.  Having grown up in an Atheist home (of Jewish decent), I have a unique insight into what unbelievers need to hear about the Lord.  It’s not just about what to say but how we say it: respectfully and in grace. Also that we fully answer the questions they have one on one and not with a one-size-fits-all line or tract.

All this month on Grace Talk Soup, Carla and I have been sharing tips for answering four of the most common questions and misconceptions the world has about Jesus.  You can go back in the past show audios to listen to the past shows.  This week answers the issue many have about the Bible: Men wrote the Bible and Men Make Mistakes.

We will not only answer this question for you but give you tips on just  HOW to share it with unbelievers.  Not only will this help you share your faith with others as God commands us, but it will build YOUR faith as well when you see the great care and trouble these men went to in order to preserve the Word of God!

Come join us!  And please forward this information to your friends and family, especially your teens!  Remember that we are still having a contest to win a free copy of SWM Defending the Faith so please email me when you post:

To join the show live via computer:

To join the show live via phone:
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 19736

To listen to past shows:

Don’t miss this call!

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