AudioClass1 Defending the Faith

AudioClass1 Defending the Faith
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These eClasses are NOTHING like the online classes you see anywhere else!

Here's what folks tell me about their problems with online classes.

  • First, they are not always at a convenient time of day for everyone. 
  • Secondly, there isn't always enough time during the course to really hone your skills. 
  • Third, classes are usually charged by the hour or even a flat fee of hundreds of dollars! 
  • Also, online classes are charged per student requiring additional fees for each member of your household!
  • Lastly, classes generally start and end at particular times of the year which may or may not be convenient for you!

What's so different about Art of Eloquence University?

  • Classes are ongoing! You pay a one time-fee and you can continue to attend FOREVER -until you achieve mastery!
  • You can start at any time because each class automatically starts over again when it is finished!
  • Attend at any time during the course as each audio is a stand alone lesson that does not necessarily build upon the previous week!
  • Classes are available online from the comfort of your own home!
  • You can access the class on YOUR schedule!
  • Your membership in the class is good for anyone living in your home! No need to pay extra for additional students!
  • Choose from an increasing number of Art of Eloquence study titles! We are adding more all the time! (One flat fee per class title for all living in your home!)

Classes and eBooks Complement each other:

The eBooks contain embedded links with further research and articles.  The eBooks provide the material in front of you to refer to and print off. The audio classes provide the information in each lesson that is covered by the eBook along with variouis additional benefits:

  • Audio instruction by the author
  • Addional information on the embedded resources and articles
  • Additional information from the author's experiences and even more research info and links.

Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith

Click the link above to read more about or order the eBook to go along with your audio class.  Here's what one of our customers had to say:

"This is such a needed class and I can see how easily both boys are learning some of the ways to respond (and ways not to respond) to some of the common things people say. I can see how they are understanding their faith in new, deeper ways and making their faith their own. This class has also helped to facilitate discussion in our family around the dinner table. You have a way of presenting things in a straight forward way that is so understandable.Thank you JoJo" -Marcie, Homeschooling mom of two

For a sample audio lesson, click here!

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